4 Paws Training

Welcome to the ‘4 Paws Training’ website. Our mission is to help you and your dog have a long, happy and harmonious life together. With our help you and your dog really can be best friends.

If you’re a dog owner in Worcestershire look no further. We offer a pet owner and dog friendly service that is affordable, but doesn’t compromise on quality.

ALFIE 3There are lots of dog trainers offering group training classes. We’ve found that our clients preferred one-to-one tuition and guidance and that’s what we offer.

  • We meet you and your dog and take the time to understand your requirements.
  • We offer a tailor-made solution for you and your dog.
  • We work with you as long as necessary (whether this is one session or several weeks/months)
  • You’re in control of how many sessions you book.
  • At the end of your tailor-made programme Jayne will present you with a Certificate of Achievement, a photograph of you and your dog, and a useful information pack.


It doesn’t matter whether you have a treasured pedigree pooch or a much loved mongrel. Jayne, our specialist animal behaviourist and dog trainer is here to help you and your dog enjoy each other.

You and your dog are a team and you need to understand each other. For years dogs have been expected to do as we tell them, and disciplined if they don’t do as they are told. The world has moved on. It’s now widely accepted that this draconian approach is not an effective way to train your dog.

The most common complaint is ‘he/she understands but won’t obey’ says Jayne. A short training programme with Jayne will arm you with techniques that get the desired results without fear and intimidation. Jayne will also share some helpful hints and tips to help you and your pet enjoy a happier life together.

The good news is – with a little help, support and encouragement from Jayne everyone can achieve amazing results with their pet. If you would like an informal no obligation chat with Jayne please complete the contact form on our ‘Get In Touch’ page or give Jayne a call on 07967 809448.

We look forward to working with you and your dog soon!

Please note: Due to popular demand we have recently added a dog walking service. So, while you’re out at work Jayne will come and walk your dog for you. What could be better than knowing your dog is in a safe pair of hands.


4 Paws Training – Building a Stronger Bond with Your Dog!