image1After getting over the grief of losing our beautiful docile King Charles to ill health ( we had her as a mature dog) we finally felt the time was right to give our home the injection of life we thought a new puppy could bring.
We picked up Lottie a jet black King Charles/cocker spaniel and immediately fell in love she is gorgeous, we expected a settling in period and the initial period was fine her toilet training went well and we were really pleased with our addition.
It was then we beagan to encounter problems,
Lottie was defiant, wouldn’t respond to any instructions, she constantly barked when we were eating, she wouldn’t be left without constant yelping and we were really concerned we had bitten off more than we could manage .
We enlisted the help of Jayne through 4 paws training and the transformation within Lottie in such a short space of time was amazing, Jayne listened to our concerns, she was extremely supportive and attentive an unphased at our problems, it was very apparent that she genuinely has an affection and compassion for both her work and the love of dogs, Jayne has a connection with Lottie and she soon showed us in clear and concise instruction the way to rectify our problems and educated both us as owners and more importantly she has got Lottie to understand instruction and we now have a loving and loyal puppy that has enriched our lives.
Lottie still sees Jayne as they enjoy long and satisfying country wals together ( another service she offers) we can’t thank Jayne enough for her patience, knowledge and perseverance she has invested in making our puppy such a happy yet obedient dog.

Paul Oates, Bromsgrove

HONEY-JACOBS-e1466071416744-217x300Having met with Jayne to discuss the mental wellbeing of my fury little friends, I could not be happier.
She took on board and listened to everything that was wrong with my dog and offered solutions and plans for us to work on. Jayne sat and observed our dog and her behaviour at home which was invaluable as this is where she was getting more stressed. She pointed out some key points that we could do immediately to help calm our dog.
As soon as Jayne started making the suggestions everything fell into place. I am a massive dog lover myself but sometimes you just need an expert to point out to you that sometimes we can be making their fear/problem worse.
My dog would not eat on her own or out of her bowl because of her fear after a tooth problem, which was cleared up weeks ago. After a couple of visits my dog is now eating on her own again. Jaynes guidance and support and on tap advice and text has been totally invaluable and I would strongly recommend her skills and knowledge, and love for animals to anybody.
Within one visit there was sparkle back in my dog’s eyes and for this Jayne I thank you dearly.

Lisa and Darren Jacobs

20160519_203321-e1466071094740-288x300Our two year old cockapoo, Sammy, was becoming more aggressive to strangers due to his nervous nature. Jayne has worked with us to help understand his behaviour and shown us how to reduce his anxieties, manage situations and ultimately improve his behaviour. She is very friendly, knowledgeable, has a clear passion for dogs and after just two sessions, we could see a marked improvement in his behaviour. Thanks to Jayne, we now have the confidence and understanding to enjoy our much happier dog.

Mrs T King
Sedgeley, Wolverhampton

BeaJayne visited our home for our Border Collie Pup “Bea” for her first Puppy training class and although we have owned dogs before, we soon appreciated how much about that early energetic stage we had forgotten. Jayne’s manner, advice and common sense approach has helped. She has a knack of making Bea listen and do exactly as Jayne commands. She has a relaxed and calm attitude to training but doing it in an enjoyable and exciting way for Bea.

Jayne has the ability to understand and teach the owners as well as the dog. Bea has continued to progress and she makes us very proud and we couldn’t have achieved this without Jayne.
Most importantly there is no-one more excited than Bea when it’s time for her training with Jayne. She loves socializing with the other dogs and she gets lots of play.
I would not hesitate to recommend Jayne – there really isn’t anyone better. She has a natural ability with Dogs; she has an inner sense of what Bea is thinking. The love of what Jayne does oozes out of her. Jayne will come and see Bea even when she doesn’t have training, this is dedication.

S Milicev

StellaMy dog was 9 when we got her and as lovely as she was with people she was just as bad with other dogs. It turns out she had spent a lot of her youth being attacked by other terriers so she got so stressed she would be hostile to any dog we encountered. Jayne helped me and my partner support our four legged friend and now she and thus us get less stressed on our walkies

A Rumble

BenjiMy dog Benji, (cavapoo) had lots of issues he spent a large amount of his time barking when people or car passed the house. If on walks he would bark at men and had separation anxiety. Jayne was very patient with him brought him treats that he likes. She was able to work out he was frightened, with the training and advice Benji is now more relaxed, I am able to leave him without him being so worked up, although he is still not sure about strange men, I am able to let Benji know that he is ok.
I would highly recommend Jayne.

M Davies

SonnyWe have a Jack Russell who was a bit of a handful at 2 years old. I went to Jayne in desperation for help. He is a real character but was a bit unpredictable when meeting other dogs in the park. Jayne was brilliant and visited us in Cardiff and helped us to understand his behaviour giving us excellent training techniques which helped us stop him getting too over excited when socialising. She recommended reading matter which helped hugely. We had a JR before but our little Sonny was a different character – she made us understand that not all dogs behave the same. Now at 4 years old he is a calm (most of the time) well behaved dog and can be trusted to walk off the lead. I can’t thank Jayne enough for her advice and patience and would highly recommend her training techniques – a true professional.

L Nash

On behalf of our family, we would like to send you a massive thank you for helping gain a much better understanding and getting the most from our new puppy Lola.
Being new to dog ownership your guidance, advice and teaching methods have proved invaluable. Most of all it was fun for all of us, especially Lola who continues to respond to the methods you showed us. Although still a very excitable puppy she continues to grow and develop each day and we have taken on board everything you showed us and without this I feel we would not be getting anywhere near as much enjoyment from her or her from us.
We will certainly be coming back to you for further development help in the coming months.


Tim Daly

Tim Daly

plutoWe asked Jayne to help us with Pluto, our new rescue dog. We’d both had dogs as kids but didn’t feel confident that we’d be able to train him properly without some help. Jayne was great in helping us learn how to read his body language and understand what he’s thinking and feeling, as well as giving us lots of practical help and advice with the training. One month on, we’ve achieved more than I thought possible and Pluto is really happy and settled and is coming on in leaps and bounds as far as his obedience training is going. We’ve learned loads too!

Chris Everall

LouisWe got in touch with Jayne as our Shih Tzu Louis had issues with constant barking and aggression towards visitors. Jayne worked with us as a family to establish the cause of Louis’ behaviour and then the best way to deal with it. Her training methods have made a huge difference and given us the control over a situation that was previously lacking. We are very pleased with the outcome of our training sessions and would highly recommend Jayne!!

C Brewer
Barnt Green

SafariIn four sessions, Jayne has demonstrated, given rationales and purpose to all the training given to our dog.
She has shown us a variety of techniques to help develop our dog’s awareness and understanding of basic commands. All of this has been taught in a way that is healthy, respectful and fair to our dog whilst also helping us as owners communicate effectively and clearly.
Jayne has been a warm, friendly and unassuming trainer, who I have very happily welcomed into my own home.

V Barron

BarnieJayne has been a great help with the training of our Shih Tzu puppy Barnie. Jayne taught us as a family (myself, my husband & 3 children) the best way to communicate with Barnie so we could train him. Barnie had problems with biting and toilet training mostly and Jayne showed us different methods to control these behaviours in a non-aggressive way and even made training fun!! Barnie is not 100% toilet trained yet but he has made massive improvements and we don’t have so many accidents now. Jayne was a huge support and always available to give advice either via email or on the phone, we would highly recommend Jayne to anyone who is having problems with their dog.

A. Arch
Barnt Green

finJayne was amazing with Finn, he loved her from the start. Everything she did worked with him and made sense. She made it look so easy. Jayne obviously has an affinity with dogs and I would highly recommend her to anyone. JH

J Hall

1st class service in every aspect

OscarWe cannot recommend Jayne highly enough. We wanted to give Oscar (boxer pup) the best possible start in life and 4 Paws Training have given him that. Jayne’s method of training is excellent and delivered in a way that not only we were pleased with but even Oscar enjoyed. We cannot believe the results.

If you’re looking for a dog trainer who is a total professional, takes pride in her work and has a real love and passion for animals you won’t find anyone better than Jayne.

Many thanks for all your assistance we have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone.

D Biddle

Jayne is absolutely wonderful with dogs. Her passion, dedication and love for the animals really shines through. Our puppy is quite nervous and she was brilliant with her, giving her the space she needed.

Hev – Hev’s Happy Hounds

lokiJayne has worked brilliantly with us and our new dog Loki, a 17 month old German Shepherd who arrived with some confidence issues! She has an intuitive understanding of dog behaviour and a fantastic approach to helping us ensure Loki learns to trust us. Jayne has made us feel relaxed and shown us effective techniques to train Loki. Results so far have been really encouraging and after just 3 sessions, we are seeing a marked improvement in Loki’s confidence and approach to new situations. Jayne is very personable and professional. Highly recommended.

Tessa Lee and Chris Coombes

Jayne can’t thank you enough for the help you have given us in training Bria. Being a rescue dog who trusted no one, who wouldn’t allow you to touch her, we are gaining her trust more and more each day she’s being brushed and is looking a smart girl now. We must also thank you for your ongoing support regarding alternative food and relaxing therapies. Your service was recommended to me and will certainly be recommended by me to others. Thank you Jayne keep up the good work. Thanks again Vera and Mick Haslam

Vera Haslam

A big thank you for your help with my Border collie who has just passed his acceptance tests and a Stock test for SARDA South Wales. With Jayne’s great teaching techniques it has helped Dyno to ignore sheep.
You could not fault the service that she provided. Thanks again

Mathew Massey – Dyno Search and Rescue Dog
Bromsgrove, Worcs

TILLY AND PIPOur Border Collie Tilly was a very fearful dog and scared of most things that moved or made a noise. Her response was to bark and lunge aggressively or attempt to run away or hide.Thanks to Jayne’s knowledge and expertise, together with her friendly and approachable manner, Tilly has made a vast improvement. We can now take her for long walks and to the beach without her going into a panic if a stranger approaches. We even managed to sit at a pub for a meal, something we couldn’t dream of doing peacefully a few months ago.

Thank you Jayne and 4 Paws Training

Mrs R Taylor

My Jack Russell Terrier could be aggressive towards other dogs when on the lead and when he bit me during one of these displays, I decided to call in a professional. I found Jayne to be very approachable and friendly. During our initial meeting she explained that when I stood in front of Alfie and he bit me, it was transitional aggression. He couldn’t get to the dog, so he bit me out of frustration. She took us through a behaviour adjustment training session and showed me how to form a positive association with him when other dogs approach. Armed with this knowledge Alfie has improved and if he does react, I can remain calm because I know how to handle it.

Mrs S Hatton

I have a spaniel as does my neighbour. Both dogs get on really well in each other’s houses, however my neighbour was looking after a young Jack Russell for a friend and I was convinced that my dog would not accept the new lodger. I asked Jayne Matthews to help. I took my dog, Flik, to the neighbours; both dogs were on a lead. Initially, Flik was very tense and looked aggressive towards the Jackie mainly because he was barking and lunging at my dog. Jayne took the Jackie back into the house for a couple of minutes and then tried to introduce them again. However, the Jackie again barked and lunged. Jayne was very patient and calm and repeated the process many times. Eventually the Jackie began to realize that if it barked it would be taken out of the situation. Flik also began to calm because she wasn’t being confronted. The next thing Jayne suggested was to take both dogs off the property for a little walk and, although we laughed, she got Flik to sniff the Jackie’s backside as an introduction. When both dogs were brought back into the garden the result was amazing. We were able to take both dogs off their leads and although a little suspicious of one another initially there was no aggression or barking. In fact as the day went on they were playing catch around the garden together. It had taken about an hour to introduce the dogs successfully and I was impressed that with a little time and patience what could be achieved. I am now happy that my Flik will socialise with new dogs in future given the right circumstances.

Mrs M Dyer

Bella and TillyOver the last year, Jayne has been visiting and walking my dog twice a week whilst I am in work. She has been coming since my dog was 12 weeks old and has built a great relationship with her. Jayne has been really reliable and trustworthy. She’s also very flexible. I work different days each week and Jayne has always accommodated this, as well as last minute changes if my working days alter at short notice. Jayne provides lots of variety, including walks (even if it’s wet), playing ball, lots of cuddles, and some basic training. Jayne also helped us out in the early days by giving us some training tips and advice on diet. I know my dog is in safe and loving hands and it’s good to have peace of mind that Jayne is popping in. I can highly recommend the services that Jayne offers.

Mrs L Peaty
Bromsgrove, Worcestershire

Just a quick note to thank you for the care and attention you gave to Willow and I during your recent puppy training course. Not only have you taken us through a progressive course explaining every step along the way, you have taken the time to develop my understanding of how to keep up the training.
Willow has continued to progress from the solid foundations you put in place.

Many thanks

Charles Adams
Grafton Flyford, Worcestershire

Just wanted to say a big thank you for all the hard work and patience (with me) when we were training my 2 Bichon Cross puppies. Having had laid back retrievers in the past these two little live wires were quite a task.
I am sure some of the one to one training in our home helped them to learn the basics and the classes were invaluable in socialising them. We still use the clickers. The photograph of Alfie on his certificate has pride of place.
I would have no problem in recommending you to anyone needing some help and would be happy to supply reference.

Mrs J Howe
Bishampton, Pershore, Worcestershire

Just wanted to say a great big woofy thank you for training my humans. I kept trying to tell them I didn’t understand what they wanted from me, but not having vocal chords all I could do was give them blank looks. How was I to know that ‘sit’ means touch bottom to the floor wherever we are! I just thought ‘sit’ meant touch bottom to the floor by the big screen with flashing pictures. After your visit and with your guidance, they now understand what is needed to keep us all happy. Plus I now get extra tasty treats when they do well.

Birmingham, West Midlands

I was getting fed up with the barking every time someone passed our lodge. The dog barked and I shouted. With your patience and guidance we’ve stopped all this. Thank you so much for your help. I didn’t realise how easy it would be to fix the problem

Jan Forster
Ely, Cambridgeshire

It’s a dog’s life! Mum shouted at me every time I barked. Now we’re friends again ‘cos I don’t bark and she doesn’t shout. Thanks Aunty Jayne – from a very happy Archie

Ely, Cambridgeshire

Jane arrived just in the nick of time before our 8 week old cocker spaniel had chance to develop any bad habits. She was friendly and approachable and worth every penny of her fee as she gave brilliant strategies for managing our puppy. We also had a good laugh with her. Just before the first outside walk Jane came with us and gave us tips on walking on the lead – it was amazing how our puppy responded. Since then we attended a different puppy school for a six week course but did not return after the 3rd week as it did not suit our spirited puppy – I would thoroughly recommend Jane’s one to one service.

Creena Jessup
Owner of Layla, Aged 6 months